GAT International Benefits

Extensive Coverage

With a growing portfolio of 60+ languages, we provide a diverse range of translation services. Our language services include Arabic, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Swahili, Urdu, and more.

Mobile Expertise

With the exponential growth of mobile platforms, new design challenges have arisen. Our team is equipped with the expertise and tools to assist you in transitioning to mobile messaging. We ensure that your content is not only translated accurately, but also optimized for mobile devices, offering a seamless user experience across all platforms.

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of what we do at GAT. We are committed to delivering accurate, culturally appropriate translations that exceed your expectations. We implement a stringent quality assurance process, utilizing both human expertise and advanced technology to ensure the highest standards of translation accuracy and consistency.

Regional Language Services

The Americas

Recognizing the growing commercial influence of Spanish and Portuguese in North, Central, and South America, we provide expert translation services in these languages. We understand the increasing Spanish influence in the U.S. and the emerging economic powerhouses like Brazil and Argentina and are prepared to meet your business communication needs in these regions.

Asia & Africa

The booming economies in Asia and Africa are reshaping global economic dynamics. To ensure you’re not left behind in this shift, we offer translation services for Chinese, Indian, and other South Asian languages, enabling you to effectively communicate in these rapidly growing markets.


We began with French translation services in 1995 and despite expanding our language services, we continue to offer French translation. We stay abreast of the evolving nature of the French language, ensuring our translations are up-to-date and accurate.

Software Localization

Software localization involves adapting a product or service to a specific language and culture. This process includes not only language translation, but also the consideration of local factors such as time zones, national holidays, cultural sensitivities, etc. At GAT, we believe in thinking local to go global. We guide you through the nuances of localization, ensuring your software resonates with your target audience.

Desktop Publishing

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) division is equipped with the latest technology and handles diverse client needs, from Photoshop edits to website recompositions. We can work comfortably with various design software, including Adobe Acrobat™, Lotus Suite™, and MS Office Suite™, on both PC and Mac platforms.

Multimedia and Video Translation Services

At GAT, we provide comprehensive multimedia services that go beyond simple word translations. We have specialist teams for web design, graphic design, video editing, and voiceovers. We can translate a variety of content types including document translation, HTML, XML, and Flash projects, etc.


GAT Global Solutions

English-based Localization

Localization, the process of adapting content to a specific culture and language, ensures the clarity and relevance of your message. GAT employs local translation providers, guaranteeing that your message will resonate well with your target audience. We monitor our localization associates’ work in real-time via our unique GATTRAK methodology, ensuring coherent global translations aligned with various projects across countries. We understand that English is the business language for most of our multinational clients and ensure perfect alignment of your English content prior to translation.

Your Translation Department

We aim to act as your outsourced language translation department. Our business-oriented approach understands the importance of meeting deadlines, sticking to budgets, and managing profit centers. With us, your content will be profitable on a global scale. You can monitor our progress through our GATTRAK process, experiencing the convenience and efficiency as if we were just next door.

By Market


In the highly regulated financial sector, we uphold values of reputation, integrity, and competence. Our specialized translators aid financial service corporations in meeting their multilingual needs by producing accurate and precise translations of regulatory documents, internal procedures, and investment reports.


In the complex medical and pharmaceutical field, our translators ensure accurate, clear translations that comply with stringent multilingual regulatory requirements, thus helping healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies communicate effectively across borders.

Marketing and Branding

The retail industry is competitive, and clear communication is key to success. We offer accurate translations with fast turnarounds and competitive pricing, enabling retailers to bridge communication gaps effectively across multiple languages.

Information Technology

In the Information Age, website localization is no longer an option but a necessity for global success. We offer timely, market-specific translations at competitive prices, using native, tech-savvy translators to translate web content into various languages.


Localization can significantly enhance your profitability by ensuring your messages are effectively conveyed and understood in diverse markets. Our GATTRAK system streamlines this process, delivering clarity and precision, thus enabling your business to grow without incurring extravagant translation costs.

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