The Language Manufacturing Process

Managing localization on a global scale is about controlling massive amounts of information. Think of it as funneling your original content into a precise, market-specific translation. It gets complex when dealing with multiple languages, looming deadlines, and a mandate to control costs.

This is where GATTRAK, our language manufacturing process, shines. It’s a blend of cutting-edge real-time translation technologies and experienced teams. It ensures fast turnaround, minimized duplicate translations, and widespread quality control, with backup teams ready for overload situations.

We take on the role of your global language Controller, prioritizing cost management. GAT’s efficiencies are unmatched in the industry.


Cost Efficiency

GAT offers competitive per-word rates that include project management and translation within your original source document. This comes with a structured Quality Control checking system.

Quality Commitment

At GAT, we prioritize eliminating translation errors through our next-gen localization approach. We’re committed to quality control, ensuring consistency across all projects. Our goal is to partner with clients, delivering excellence and growth in every market and language.

Specialization in Language Services

GAT meets global localization needs by integrating diverse specialists, from desktop publishers to video producers, delivering tailored translations through a collaborative team-based approach.

Quality Assurance

At GAT, each project passes through a systematic quality control process, monitored via our online portal. Our team-driven GATTRAK™ process harnesses multiple perspectives, assuring precision in translations and clarity in communication across all languages.

GATTRAK Project Management

At GAT, your project is our priority.

Upon embarking on a project with us, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager (PM) who will be your primary point of contact, overseeing all phases of your project and ensuring successful, on-time, and on-budget translation.

Our Project Management Process unfolds in the following stages:

1 – Project Initiation

The PM validates the receipt of all necessary files and materials from you and verifies administrative details like timelines, delivery means, software applications, and billing.

2 – Document Analysis

After validating the materials, the PM assesses the type of document and its difficulty. This document is then passed to the Computer-Assisted Translation Team for processing.

3 – Scheduling

Once the document’s purpose, format, and style are determined, a detailed resource load and schedule are established, and the necessary team is designated.

4 – Translation

A designated translator or team of translators begin the translation process. The PM closely monitors this stage, tackling any issues before they impact the timeline or budget.

5 – Editing and Proofing

A specialized editor reviews the translation for content consistency and terminological accuracy, discussing changes with translators before integrating them into the document.

6 – Desktop Publishing & Formatting

At this stage, we attend to any unique formatting requirements, conduct an overall Quality Assurance (QA) check, and update the Translation Memory with the newest document content.

7 – Delivery & Feedback

We deliver the project to you electronically. Post your review, any suggested changes are discussed, reconfirmed, and integrated. A second QA check is performed before delivering the final document.

Industry-leading security

Our network security measures are comprehensive, multi-layered, and continuously evolving to adapt to emerging threats.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security to protect our data, systems, and, most importantly, the trust of our customers and partners.

With GAT you can count on:



  • A secure and redundant infrastructure
  • A control of individual access to resources and data
  • A backup site for all resources and data in the event of a problem or disaster
  • A comprehensive information security policy
  • A detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans

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