Go Global by Thinking Local

In a world where effective communication knows no boundaries, we empower your business to transcend language barriers and captivate audiences worldwide.

Localization that matters

Are you communicating on a global scale? Then you understand the importance of accurate and timely localization. It’s the translation of documents and multimedia into the preferred language of each country where you operate. It’s a significant and expanding opportunity as our world shrinks and economic power shifts. To succeed in multiple countries, you need localization that truly captures the essence of your message. At GAT, we excel at this. We use cutting-edge technology, work with local associates, and have skilled project management teams to align global translations. We’re at the forefront of our rapidly advancing industry. Our goal is to ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

Be heard around the world

Communication is a two way street. Before you can speak, you have to listen. Which is why we rely on our localization associates to listen to the changing voices and language developments in every country we do business in. These locally based translation companies work with us on real time localization solutions – ensuring that your voice will be heard as if you were a local. We are on the leading edge of change in our industry and rapidly on our way up. It’s our business to make you heard perfectly clear.

Our philosophy

Translation is more than word-for-word transition between languages. From user manuals to website presentations, a successful localization feels as if it were developed in the native homeland. At GAT, we recognize the unique nuances and styles of each country, culture, and industry. We provide accurate, market-specific translations that are delivered on time and within budget. We create a culture of inclusiveness, we embrace change and innovation, and we hold ourselves accountable at every step.


Empowering Global Communication with Local Precision

GAT, initially a conventional translation firm in Canada, has redefined the field of language translation services over the past two decades. Initially meeting a federally mandated bilingual requirement, GAT discovered the value of nuanced and localized translation. Understanding the strategic implications, GAT shifted its focus from a commodity-based process to strategic localization. The company recognizes that quick, unthoughtful translations can have detrimental effects and that accurate communication is critical for marketing and growth in global markets. Moreover, GAT has embraced technology, using Translation Memory/Localization software to streamline the process. It’s not simply about using cutting-edge tools, but also about engaging the right people. This combination enables GAT to provide superior, cost-effective translation services with fast turnaround times.

No industry is too big for GAT

Just ask our diverse range of clients! While we can’t disclose specific names, our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to advertising and marketing agencies. Whether serving as their outsourced translation department or working on project-based collaborations, we offer valuable consulting advice for unique localization challenges. Many organizations are ill-prepared for globalization, and that’s where we excel. Give us a small challenge to start, and you’ll witness the efficiency of our process.

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